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So, you’ve finally made it through RB101. You’ve made rock-paper-scissors, tic-tac-toe, and (if you’re anything like me) you barely scraped by on the twenty-one assignment. Now you’re at Launch School’s first assessment! A wonderful and terrifying place to be. Especially with the amount of information covered in Launch School’s 101 section, it can feel overwhelming to go back over everything, but remember you can do it! Whether this is your first attempt, or you’re coming back after two (or three) of Launch School’s dreaded ‘not yets’, if I can make it through, so can you.

@me studying for the RB109 assessment

To state the obvious, this…

Seasons greets folks. My name is Lucas Bonner, I’m a 24-year old college dropout currently living in my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. As of June (I think?) I’ve been in the Launch School curriculum.

I’m new to the world of programming, and to the ‘bootcamp’ environment. ‘Bootcamp’ in quotes because Launch School prides themselves on the difference between themselves and other bootcamps out there. The pedagogy of Launch School focuses on not just having everyone on the same track, rather it’s self-paced (which is great and difficult when compared to traditional schooling). …

Lucas Bonner

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